Maybe tomorrow

Dear Electronic Diary,

                       Here I am, bleary-eyed, struggling to awaken to yet another day. I feel as if I have, as with all other days, run over by a truck the night before. Doesn’t really come as a surprise actually, given the tidal wave of new experiences and information overload I’ve had to deal with of late. However, all of that has left me in a more contemplative mood as well.

                       The state of the world we live in has left me in quite a pensive mood actually. We see wars happening on the face of Mother Earth like some case of bad teenage acne. We see people of all races starting to note the differences in the color of their skin. It almost seems as if society itself is heaving heavily and tired under the weight of its own social agendas. Ironically, for all the fighting that we experience in the world today, almost none of it has actually anything to do with making the world a better place for most if not all of the people involved.

                        Resources become the mainstay of the focus of wars and political debates. More often so, that most of the people waging war on behalf of these bloodthirsty generals often forget or are clueless about the original intent of the conflict in the first place! Think that the problem lies just on a grander scale? We should think again…

                        Look at the number of self-help books that have sprung up on bookstore shelves, seminars on self-improvement, weight loss programs, beauty parlors, surgeons at the ready to cut off “bad inches” off our bodies and replace them with “nice, flawless ones”, mushrooming like a plague around us. To be fair, it’s just business to them, nothing wrong with that. However, the world probably would have less need for them if we were spurred more to action as individuals than a sum of the whole.

                       While people seem so bothered with issues that they cannot or do not have the power to deal with immediately, it might seem wise at times to self-reflect and make changes from within, don’t you think?

                       I’ve dealt with people in the past that would make a grown man cry or the most patient man cough blood at having to deal with their problems. One such example would be how one laments about not quite having enough money. No doubt, to be fair, it is a very real problem that is affecting the majority of us on a daily basis. However, that being said, why is nothing being done about it? I have seen people successfully changing over to a new job and earning a higher salary, only to have their spending increase accordingly. Wasn’t the whole point of it all to escape from self-perceived poverty?

                     Another fairly useless convention, in my opinion, would be to make vows of any sort (be it the marriage kind or the New Year’s resolution kind) if one does not intend to see it through or just merely mouthing the words for the sake of culture. I, for one, am guilty of that for sure. Being human, we have become lazy and complacent in the relative safety in our own little corner of the world and inaction leads to indifference which in turn leads to a decay in the self.

                     Perhaps one of the most famous phrases used in my corner of the world would be “Maybe tomorrow?”

                      I am quite certain that these two words are a commonplace anywhere else in the world. Why cut down on electricity use today? Not like it’s going to help. Why save water today? I’m just ONE person. Who cares if I smoke more or less? Doesn’t really affect anyone else anyway. Lose weight? Who’s going to see? The most commonly used excuses often come with the attachment of – “maybe tomorrow?” at the end. Suggests some form of declaration of intent, but commitment and guilt-free agreement. Nice~

                     Oddly enough, these comments come from the same people who believe very strongly in gyms, self-help seminars and start berating others for not trying. They often spend their time on a emotional-mental tug-of-war that leads them nowhere. How would I know? Been there, done that, still doing it. Mmmm…

                     Believe or not people, who said there’s no communal spirit? There is actually… it’s called communal sloth. We have had so many years in relative world peace that nobody’s really bothered about doing something today. Even more so, their goals have become more and more selfish over the years, evolved and adapted to suit their own personal needs. Life becomes more complex by their own doing. One would think that as society progresses, things would improve and people would think of working towards preservation of society, community and the balance in the world. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

                     In the end, it’s sad to see how it is that while on one end of the world people wage wars for the future of their children, the rest of the world is destroying it nicely for them through smoking, pollution, poor dietary habits and more. They should stop fighting with one another and address these social ills immediately and perhaps the next generation would have something to live for instead of inheriting a disheveled husk we call planet Earth.

                     How does this affect me though? How do I help? What to do? Where to begin?

                     Questions, questions, questions…

                     When to deal with it?